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Laural and Hardy Coisacoisa is Coisa um and Coisa dois

Coisa Coisa
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Dennis Occasional Pages Family and Friends.  Photo and Video Log for Coisa Coisa

See Our Caipirinha Recipe on a Snowy Birthday Party Page

Christmas in the Garage with Family
Christmas Day 2014
Laughter with the Bauch and Randall families The Great Blizzard of 2015.  New York and New England.  A personal chronology of the January 26 to 28 storm
Dennis in a Wisconsin cornfield
Updated! A beautiful August at a Durand Wisconsin farm.  Summertime 2003
New! Visiting The Randalls and the Bauchs.  Life in small town American in the 1970s Pumpkin Patch and Halloween
Updated!  Durand Pumpkin patch in 2009
Emogene January 2015 Emogene in 1926 Brasil first win world cup 2014
The New Year Begins with a visit to Mom, her 90th year begins

New Photos from the 1930's

Video! Helton Celebrates a Brazilian Goal

Sunset with the Freedom Tower

Aunt Jeanette Obituary  

Updated! Ed and Kaydi's Wedding
Updated! Nathan and Kelly's Wedding
We've added a 2015 page

Updated! Buddhist funeral procession for the 10th Floor



Freedom Tower Panorama
New! Freedom Tower Sunset New! Freedom Tower Sunset Panorama 

New! 1971 Photos Dennis and Sherri in Milwaukee

Olga and HeltonNew! Olga Look UP July 2014 07 07

New! Video and picture as Peggy Sings July 2012 07 19

New! Helton Celebrates Brasil's First Win in the 2014 World CupJustin and Julia Wedding

New! 1966 Graduation - New! 1965 Augusta Wisconsin Prom

Updated! Justin and Julia's Wedding
Sherri and Gary's 1990 Wedding Videos Added

Our Most Popular Page is the Feet and Toes Knows Photographs


New! Helton's Album from the early 1980's
family and friends from 1979 to about 1983

Phoenix Days 1 and 2 Phoenix Day 3 Phoenix Trip Day 4 through 7
Phoenix Days 1 and 2 with Stella and Orestus Phoenix Days 3 with Stella and Orestus - The Botanical Garden and Scottsdale Phoenix Days 4 through 7 with Stella and Orestus
Olgas 90th Birthday Olgas 90th Video Recovered Apartment after fire
Click to go to the Thumbnail Index- Olgas 90th Click to go to Olga's 90th Video Slide Show New!  Apartment Recovered After Fire on the Photos Index Page
  Individual Photo Index   Video
New York Elmhurst Blizzard 2010
Higher Resolution New York Elmhurst Blizzard 2010
Blizard from the 10th Floor December 26 and 27 2010

The Great Blizzard of 2010
Part 2      
  Concinha and Lisete in New York Part 2
Higher Resolutions individual photos
  Part 2 December Visit Slide Show
December 17 -196

2010-12-19 Concinha and Lisete in New York

Part 1      
  Individual Photo Index   Video Slide Show
Lisete and Cocinha Concinha and Lisete in New York Part 1
Higher Resolutions individual photos
Liset and Conchina In NY  Part 1 - December Visit Slide Show
December 13 -16
Part 2      
Liset and Concinha in New York Fifth Avenue Fountain at Christams Concinha and Lisete in New York Part 2
Higher Resolutions individual photos
Liset and Concinha in New York at Christams Part 2 December Visit Slide Show
December 17 -196

New! 2010-11-25 Ines and Tarcisio in New York for Thanksgiving at Olga's

Thanksgiving 2010 at Olgas Thanksgiving Individual Pictures

Thanksgiving 2010 Slide Show  Thanksgiving Picture Slide Show


New!  2010-04 Helton with Toby, Olga, Raphael and Anakin Skywalker (aka Hayden Christensen)

Olga Toby and Helton

2010-07-28 Colin Moore is Born - He was born on Great Grandma Emogene's Birthday too

2010-08-06 Colin Visits the Saxes and A 1964 Corvette is in the Picture

2010-09 Sherri and Sally in New York September 2010 one Large photo at a time

New Videos  - Doubleclick any video to see it in FULL SCREEN

2010-07-20 Jared's Birthday At Sherri's - about 30 minutes

2010-07 Dennis Visits Saxes in July - Sherri plays (experiments) with new camera.  Jared's Naughty, Gary Scares a bird, Dennis and Sherri in the Garage, Jared and Dennis Wash Emogene's Car - 7 minutes

2010-07 Sherri's Baltimore Oriole and a Robin on the ground- 2 minutes

2010-08 Heltons  new Apartment Kitchen

Sherri and Sally's Trip to NY - videos

Video Photo SLIDE SHOW from 193 photos - about 10 minutes

Sherri Donadean and Sally and Dennis on the Circle Line Cruise - about 40 minutes

Sherri and Sally and Dennis and Helton at Astoria Park 6 minutes

Rockefeller Center - less than 2 minutes

Brooklyn Bridge - 2 minutes

Jacob Riis Park and Beach - 6 minutes

World Trade Center Site and the New Freedom Tower a-building 2 minutes

Central Park Walk - 5 Minutes

Central Park Zoo - 1 Minute

Central Park Delecorte Clock- 5 Minutes

Central Park Jazz - 4 Minutes

New York and Queens from Home - 2 Minutes


Helton's Cars including the 1996 Taurus called "Zenilda" and the 1997 Subaru Impreza called "Emo"

The Snow Hurricane, Elmhurst, New York, 11373 Elmhurst Towers Apartment in the big snow of 2010

Videos of Vicentina's 80 Birthday and Birthday Party - Brazil 2009 - July 18th

Now! on The Photos Pages - More Kaydi and Ed Wedding Pictures and Halloween and Christmas Pictures of the Saxes and the Moore Families

Now More Photo Pages on the Link above - Check it out - some of the new page subjects are:

Golden Girls in Montana 2000 and Emogene's 75th
Jared in 2008
Mexico Trip in 2006
Beth's Birthday Party and more
Ed and Kaydi's Wedding July 4 2009

Feet and Toes Theatre

 Brief History of the Grams Family
Family Page
View of the World Trades

Nancy Guse and Dennis 1999 New Years EveningDennis' Occasional Pages with references to the Grams Family, The Knuth Family, The Hilestad Family, The Depaulo Family and all of the Related families in Brazil and Wisconsin

New Page! Remembering Nancy Randall Guse