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Laural and Hardy Coisacoisa is Coisa um and Coisa dois

Coisa Coisa
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Scans from Mom's photos and albums from Over the Years

Moms Album Scans Dennis' Occasional Pages Coisacoisa. Thousands of bits of information about the Family, Helton and Augusta Wisconsin

Moms Web Scans

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Hot air balloon comes to life Hot Air Balloon Flying over Eau Claire Deloris Yanonne, Emogene and Dennis in Arizona Delores Arizona 2001
Hot Air Balloon launching Balloon Flying Over Eau Claire Wisconsin Arizona in 1991.  Deloris Yannone, Emogene and Dennis.  Is that Helton in the background? Delores in Arizona Phoenix in 1991
Dennis Cooking at Sherri's at Christmas, 1996? Rocking Dennis Elaine Weeks imploring Elvera Browsing
Dennis Cooking at Sherri's at Christmas, 1996?  This doesn't happen very often. Dennis At Emogene's Christmas 1996 Elaine Weeks imploring. What? and When? Elvera Browsing Photographs
Emogene's 75th Birthday, 2000 Emogene at Sherri's at Christmas 1983 Justin and Emogene Christmas 1996 Emogene in Central Park in Manhattan in 1988
Emogene's 75th Birthday, 2000 Emogene at Sherri's Christmas 1983 Justin at Emogene's 1996 and Justin and Emo Emogene in Central Park in Manhattan in 1988, It was 88 degrees
Emogene in Rockefeller Plaza in New York, April 1988 Emogene in New York with a Gold Nugget at the Museum of Natural History Emogene and Nathan 1996 Emogene 1991
Emogene in Rockefeller Plaza in New York, April 1988 Emogene in New York with a Gold Nugget at the Museum of Natural History Nathan and Emogene Christmas1996 Emogene in 1991 Portrait 1
Emogene Grams in 1991 Emogene and her trombone 1942 Halloween Crafts on the porch Emogene's Halloween Craft 2
1991 Emogene portrait 1 Emogene in High School Band 1942 with Trombone Emogene's Halloween Crafts 1 Emogene's Halloween Crafts 2
Emogene's Christmas Craft 1 Grams Family circa 1990? Hawaii 1996 with Dennis and Helton Hawaii lookout at Diamond Head
Emogene's Christmas Crafts Grams Family Brothers and Sisters in 1990s Helton and Dennis at a China Hat view Diamond Head with Jeanette Rose and Dennis and Emogene Hawaii 1996
Hawaii Emogene with Rose and Jeanette Ayres in the 1990s Dennis and Emogene on Sunset Beach Surfing beach on Oahu Island with Dennis and Emo Hawaii Helton Dennis Emogene Jeanette Vern Rose
Rose Jeanette and Emogene in Hawaii Condo Dennis and Emogene in Hawaii Emo and Dennis on a surfing beach in Hawaii Rose Dennis, Emogene and Helton at China Hat
Dennis walking on sunset beach Helton in the Kitchen in 1986 Helton 1986 Nato asleep on the sofa Justin Moore Graduates in 2000
Dennis on Sunset Beach in Hawaii Helton 1986 in the Kitchen Helton and Nato 1986 in the NY apartment Justin at the Durand Wisconsin High School 2000
Graduating Justin at the farm Sherri and Natan with the Graduate Justin Nathans Birthday Cake in 1998 Nathan and Justin all dressed up in 1990
On the farm graduation of Justin Kitty Kitty gets into Justin's graduation photograph Happy Birthday Nathan 1998 1990 Nathan and Justin get dressed up for the Wedding of Sherri and Gary
Justin and Nathan in sweaters in 1985 1986 Nathan and Justin Moore Pine View Grade School in Ludington Ludington Wisconsin's Pine View one room elementary school
Nathan Moore and Justin Moore 1985 Nathan and Justin Moore in 1986 playing on the sofa Pine View Elementary School in Ludington Wisconsin A rural one room school in Eau Claire County Wisconsin
Sherri has a bold in her arm Emogene's 75th Birthday Flowers Nathan and Justin all dressed up in Wedding Tuxedos Emogene's apartment with Nathan and Justin
Sherri gets run over by her horse in 1973 Emogene 75th birthday flowers Sherri's sons get ready for their moms wedding in 1990 Nathan and Justin at grandma Emogene's

Emogene's Web Scans

 Friend and family photos from the 1950's 1960's 1970's 1980's and the 90s and 2000s.  Photographs from mom's scans of various family photo albums