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Jeanette Ayres, Rosangela Haddock Davis, and Dennis and Emogene in Hawaii on Diamond Head Lookout in the 1990s

Family and friends from Mom Scans and Photos of the 1990's

Hawaii, we are on the island of Oahu

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Jeanette Rose, Dennis and Emogene on Diamond Head lookout

Hawaii lookout at Diamond Head just outside of Waikiki

It was our first day in Hawaii after our 14 hours traveling from Wisconsin and New York.

We were all suffering from jet lag of about 6 hours time change.  We all awoke at 2:30 am hour - our bodies thought it was 8:30 New York time.  We were out for our first tour of the island just at the Sun rose over Diamond Head at 6:30 am.  The scowl on Emogene's face reflected our Jet Lag


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