The Madden and Yannone Family Children
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The Yannone Kids and the Madden Kids visit Grandmother Reta in Eau Claire Wisconsin

The Madden and Yannone Family Children on Babcock Street in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Bill Madden, Patty Madden, Jackie Yannone, Rita Yannone, and unidentified friend c.1965

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Madden and Yanonne Family Children

The Madden and Yannone Family Children of the Grams Family

The Maddens are children of Doris Grams Madden and Bill Madden, sr.  The Yannone's are kids of Delores Grams Madden and Louis Yannone. Reta Zank Grams Kunert is their grandmother

During the 1960's the Madden family lived in Seaford Long Island New York.  A visit in Wisconsin for them was a rare treat.  We only got to see the family once or twice decade.

Scans of a Family from a photo album by Elvera

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Photo by Emogene with her box Kodak Camera