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Graduation Augusta High School 1966 with the Daniel's Twins

Augusta Wisconsin Class of 1966 Graduation

Sharon and Karen Daniels of Augusta Wisconsin.  The Daniels twins were infamous for their joy and beauty and family

1966-05-00-dennis-graduation -- 1966_05_00_dennis_graduation_03.jpg

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Twins Sharon Daniels and Karen Daniels

The Daniels Twins were very good friends of Tom Randall and Dennis.

We were on-stage to receive our high school diplomas, we looked to the right and left, glancing at each other and all I remember where the streaming tears that we all shared.

And we laughed without control because Tom as being Tom with this tilted hat, his unorthodox mortar board position.  See the promenade picture with his cap to see why we laughed

Digitized from a photo album, July 2014