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Milwaukee 1971.  Janet Higley brought Lois Lee to town but I know nothing more about her.

00-Janet-friend-lois-lee (15 images). Click a picture to see a larger view.
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1971_00_00_dennis_visiting_lois_lee_08.jpg 1971_00_00_dennis_visiting_lois_lee_09.jpg 1971_00_00_dennis_visiting_lois_lee_10.jpg 1971_00_00_dennis_visiting_lois_lee_11.jpg 1971_00_00_dennis_visiting_lois_lee_12.jpg 1971_00_00_dennis_visiting_lois_lee_13.jpg Janet and Lois at a Brewer's Ball Game in 1971 Janet 1971_00_00_dennis_visiting_lois_lee_06.jpg 1971_00_00_dennis_visiting_lois_lee_07.jpg 1971_00_00_dennis_visiting_lois_lee_14.jpg 1971_00_00_dennis_visiting_lois_lee_15.jpg Dennis at the Brewers 1971 1971_00_00_dennis_visiting_lois_lee_16.jpg South end of Lois going North

Friends Co workers and Family from Dennis' life in 1971. Janet Higley brings Lois Lee to Milwaukee with her during the 1970's. Other than that, Lois is mystery to me

I did have a little crush on her.  She was a cool lady

Some of the photos in this series were quick clicks.  I, Dennis, like to take a moment and show how the object or subject changed in a second or two.  I did it with the latest Kodak, Polaroid SX-70, and now, when this page is updated with digital camera.  The subjects always laughed and I capture a few moments in time

Lois, Janet, Milwaukee, West Allis, Wisconsin, greenfield, 84th street, 1971, coisa, coisacoisa, info, Woolworth, 956, baseball, brewers,  date, girl friend, lee, Higley, visit, apartment, outing, Dennis
Scanned from a personal photo album in May 2014