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Days in Milwaukee looking out from the balcony, the apartment and around town

Spending time with Janet Higley and Lois in Milwaukee

August 18, 1971

1971-08-00-Janet-friend-lois-lee -- 1971_00_00_dennis_visiting_lois_lee_14.jpg

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Lois Lee Looking out the balconey

Lois was a brief friend

Friends Co workers and Family from Dennis' life in 1971

Lois was only briefly in the lives of Janet and Dennis.  We knew not where she came from and we know not where she went.  Lois is a mystery as I look back over the years.  I did have a crush on her, though, for a while

Lois, mystery, Janet, brief, Milwaukee, West Allis, Wisconsin, greenfield, 84th street, 1971, Lee, friend, Higley, visit, apartment, Dennis
Digitized in 2014 by Dennis from a family photo album print