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October 1971. Sherri twirls around to hide from the camera lens

Elephants, Giraffes and other Wild Animals at the Milwaukee County Zoo

Sherri was all of fifteen years old and she was annoyed at her Brother because she did not want her photo taken in her night gown

October 10, 1971

1971-10-00-sherri-visits-milwaukee -- 1971_10_00_sherri_in_milwaukee_at_apt_01.jpg

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Sherri Donadean at Dennis's apartment in West Allis Wisconsin

Sister visits Brother in the Autumn of 1971

We spent time at the Milwaukee County zoo and at Dennis's store at Woolworth at 35th and North Avenue.  Sherri stayed for 4 days and arrived in Milwaukee by Greyhound Bus.

Dennis, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sherri, West Allis, Zoo, Greenfield Avenue, 1970s, 1971, October, visit, Park

Scanned by Dennis from a family photo album in October 2014