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Helen, Fern and the stock boy at the Woolworth Store in Milwaukee

Located on 35th and North Avenue

October 10, 1973

1973-00-woolworth-crew -- 1973_10_00_helen_fern_not_remembered_large_02.jpg
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Helen, Fern and the stock boy at Woolworth

The Woolworth Staff size was 8 to 10 employees

Helen and Fern were Woolworth career employees.  The both retired soon after Dennis was promoted to Manager of store 948 on 3rd and North in 1975.  The "stock boy" was a part time high school student.  I do not remember his name but he was a good kid and good at his job

Fern was great at teasing people and you can see by the smile on their faces because of it.  Fern was fastidious and kept immaculate departments merchandised.  Helen had a system for managing her departments.  She was NEVER out of stock on anything

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Digitized by Dennis, May 2015