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November 19 1975 at Tom and Peggy's with Dennis, Debbie and Scott and a piano with a cribbage board

Debbie Gets a Piano, Scott Gets a truck

Peggy and Tom goof and a toilet of a cribbage board

1975-11-19-At-tom-and-peggys -- 1975_07_00_tom_randall_debbie_scott_play_panio.jpg

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Dad Tom shows Debbie How to Play

The Holiday Season in Augusta Wisconsin

Having fun with family

Dennis was working in Milwaukee but made frequent trips to Augusta Wisconsin, his home town. Tom and Peggy's home was a regular stop

1975, Tom, season, Peggy, holiday, Scott, gifts, Debbie, play, Dennis, Wisconsin, Augusta
Digitized by Dennis May 2014 from Photos with a Polaroid SX-70 Camera