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November 19 1975 at Tom and Peggy's with Dennis, Debbie and Scott and a piano with a cribbage board

Debbie Gets a Piano, Scott Gets a truck

Peggy and Tom goof and a toilet of a cribbage board

1975-11-19-At-tom-and-peggys -- 1975_11_19_debbie_erickson_randall.jpg

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Debbie Randall at 5

The Holiday Season in Augusta Wisconsin

Having fun with family

Dennis was working in Milwaukee but made frequent trips to Augusta Wisconsin, his home town. Tom and Peggy's home was a regular stop

1975, Tom, season, Peggy, holiday, Scott, gifts, Debbie, play, Dennis, Wisconsin, Augusta
Digitized by Dennis May 2014 from Photos with a Polaroid SX-70 Camera