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Tom, Peggy, Dennis and Pat setting on the hotel room bed laughing

High school friends from Augusta Wisconsin visit Dennis in Milwaukee

March 18, 1976

aa-camera version -- 1976_03_00_tom_peggy_pat_dennis_bauch_02.jpg
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Pat and Dennis Bauch, Peggy and Tom Randall

Short hair on the ladies and print shirts for the men marked the dress style in the late 1970's

It was the first time Tom and Peggy visited Dennis in Milwaukee

Tom and Peggy graduated with both Dennis Bauch and Dennis Knuth from Augusta High School. Pat Grode Bauch, Dennis' wife, and Peggy's sister Barb joined in the fun

Bauch, visit, Dennis, spring, 1976, shop, Randall, shopping, Milwaukee, hotel
Photos by Dennis with a Polaroid SX70 instant camera