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Gerry Furguson and Bunny raise a toast to Dennis on his 31st Birthday

Party at Tess's Tap in Milwaukee

December 16, 1978

1978-12-16 -- bunny_gus_gerry_and_unremembered.jpg
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Bunny and Gerry drinking at Tess's

Friends were Woolworth people

Gerry managed the Vliet street store, Bunny worked for Dennis, Marge worked for Chester and so on.  The unidentified man in this photo was a "regular" at Tess's Tap but only an acquaintance.  Sorry that I do not remember his name. Gus McLeod was always around, 

1978, Woolworth, local, bar, friends, surprise, Tess, Gerry, Marge, Gus
Photos made with Dennis' Polaroid SX-70 camera, digitized by scans in 2014