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Moving my life from Milwaukee to New York City, the Big Apple

Having no job and only one friend

April 8, 1979

03-16-leaving-milwaukee -- 1979_04_00_dennis_on_hudson_river_pier.jpg
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Dennis on a pier in New York city on the Hudson River

Starting over

New York was a strange and wonderful place.  I moved from Milwaukee, from America, to New York, a world city.  Everyone is busy busy in the new city.  The metropolitan area has 20 million people and friends are not next door or a five minute drive away like the rest of the US.  They are many miles away like in Wisconsin, or continents away.   Finding new friends was slow

Getting some Sun in April

I left Milwaukee on March 19, 1979 by Amtrak and arrived in New York on March 20th.  This is after 19 days in my new home town.  There were still piles of snow in Milwaukee.  It was in the mid-50's in New York. It is a fall and spring temperature advantage that I enjoyed every year in NYC

I was unhappy here, wondering if I made the right decision to move.  I only had one friend and no job.  But it did get better.  Unhappy may not be the right word.  I was angry because I doubted what I was doing

Dennis, pier, New York, sun, New York, 1979, job, friend, NYC
Digitized in May 2014, by Dennis from a photo album