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My move to New York put me in a perpetual bad mood for months

Looking for a job in the Big Apple

April 30, 1979

03-16-leaving-milwaukee -- 1979_04_00_dennis_on_8th_avenue.jpg
First | Previous Picture | Next Picture | Last | Back to index Moving from Milwaukee to New York
Dennis looking for a job in New York city

Meeting my new friends at the Office

I had made new acquaintances while working with my roommate at his offices.  They were not exactly friends and it was not exactly a job but at least something to do.  I scoured the New York Times (one in my hand) daily for something that might pay decently.  I still didn't have anything full time.  I had been in New York for 5 weeks

I was in a bad mood for the first months.  I doubted my decision to come to New York and I was angry that I doubted it.  The city was becoming more interesting.  I am fascinated that workers, even at low pay levels,  plan on visiting Paris in Europe or somewhere in South America on their vacations.  It is a new worldly perspective.  People at home, Wisconsin, talk about driving to South Dakota or going camping.  This all sounds appealing to me in 1979

A sliver of sun shines on the camera lens

This photo shows the phenomenon of the canyons in the city.  The tall buildings are responsible for these canyons.  No sun shines on the street in the winter months when the sun is low. New Yorkers don't see the sun in the winter (unless they work in a very tall building).  We get up in the dark, ride a dark subway, work in a building  in the no sun zone and got home in the same way

Dennis is still a tourist in New York, he hasn't accepted it yet as home.

It late April and it is jacket weather at about 65 degrees.  That is Carnegie Hall across the street with Russian Tea Room next door

times, Dennis, job, New York, canyons, Wisconsin, home, 1979, friends, dark, new, tourist
Digitized by Dennis from a photo album in 2014