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Thanksgiving back at the apartment in Elmhurst after the parade is over.

Norma, Babette and Helenice from Brazil were visiting us

November 26, 1992

11-26-thanksgiving -- 1992_christmas_helton_helenice_raphael.jpg
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Thansgiving visit Norma, Babette and Helenice

We had a full house of Guests and our Christmas Tree was up

Helenice, Norma and Babette (not seen in these photos) from Belo Horizonte were here

Heloisa, youngster Raphael and Helton were on the floor. Dennis and Emogene are not seen. Albertina was there too but we can only see her feet

Sherri, family, Thanksgiving, New York, Macy's, parade Nathan, Justin, Emogene, 1992

Photos scanned in 2014 from Dennis' photo albums