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Our Trip to Brazil with Chester Cavil and Ruby for Carnival in 1993.

The back story of the vacation in Brazil

February 10 to March 2 1993

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Meeting Chester Cavil

Dennis first met Chester and became friends with him when they were both Woolworth Managers in Milwaukee Wisconsin during the 1970's.  They met when Chester was promoted from assistant to (his first store as )Manager at Dennis' old store, number 956 at 35th and North Avenue.  Dennis had been promoted to store 948 at Third and North

Chester was a hell of a manager.  He resurrected the failing store in a difficult neighborhood after manager Milton Hunter had failed at the store

Dennis and Chester had a friendly competition in spending local Woolworth advertising dollars.  That only strengthened the friend ship.

 Chester was married to Yvonne during those times and Dennis was single.   Even so, the friendship grew as guys shared there lives.  Tess's Tap was their regular Friday hang out with Dan Sabor, another manager of a Woolworth Store on Fond du Lac and North Avenue (Woolworth Store 484)

Chester and Dennis move on

Chester was promoted to a Chicago store and moved there with Yvonne.  He was extremely successful at that store but became involved with elements in Chicago that jeopardized his relationships and job.  Chester suffered a divorce and changed his career. 

Dennis left Woolworths and moved to New York in 1979.  He and Chester maintained a relationship over the phone for 20 Years

Chester moved to Atlanta George and married Ruby

Dennis tried to start a business, that failed, in the 1990's.  He visited Chester and Ruby with Archie but it seemed to strengthen the friend ship

The Trip to Brazil

Dennis and Helton planned the trip and Helton insisted the Chester and Ruby be invited.

The trip to Brazil was a wonderful experience.  Dennis and Helton introduced the Cavil's to family and fiends and showed them the sites

The trip was 21 days, its a long time to be spent with friends. The stress of the relationship led to the parting of the friendship ways

Dennis was single, Chester enjoyed the attention of the Brazilians.  Ruby did not like it that much.  Ruby didn't enjoy the attention that Chester got and did not seem to enjoy Dennis and Chester's friendship.  Ruby did not appreciate the relationship of Dennis and Helton either

We returned to New York.  A few months later Chester called Dennis one time telling him he would meet him but he never showed up. 

Chester Cavil is a Preacher

I miss my friend.  The last thing we heard about Chester was that he was an ordained minister.   He has a video on youtube.com as a preacher


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