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Helton on the floor amongst the plants in our New York apartment

Posing with ferns, dracaena's and rubber plants

October 13, 1998

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Helton on the floor

It's Autumn, it's time to stay inside

Elmhurst Queens New York in 1998.  We like to stay at home and play with a camera.  Digital camera's were relatively new.  We grabbed ours to capture every day life and to see how we really looked

People like to share photos with their friends.  People also like they see how they look.  Looking at one's self at any point in time can only be seen in a photograph.  A mirror will not do it, it cannot keep the image. Helton was posing here on the living room floor as a male model to see how he really looks in a photograph.

Dennis was taking the photo to remember the moment.  We stayed at home and played with camera, it's time to stay inside.

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Photos scanned from Dennis Photo Album

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