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Pablo, Helton's cousin, Visits Helton in New York in the Autumn of 1998

Pablo is Brazilian, a brasileira

October 14, 1998

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Pablo from brasil at Helton's apartment

Pablo stayed in the US too long

Pablo, Helton's cousin from Oliveira Brazil came to New York on a tourist visa.  He over stayed his via when he got a job working in a restaurant.  A year later he returned to Brazil. 

Pablo again visited New York with his new wife.  He again overstayed.  The third time Pablo tried to re-enter the US a few years later on the same tourist visa.  He was denied entry at the US airport and forced to return to Brazil

Pablo stay for a few months at our apartment before he moved elsewhere.  Our recollection of his stay was the extraordinary time he would groom in the bathroom.  Sometimes seemingly for hours

New York, visa, Pablo, overstay, bathroom, Brazil, guest, Elmhurst, cousin, Helton
Photographs with Dennis's Fujifilm DX-7 digital camera