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Hawaii with Dennis, Erv and Gloria for her birthday in 1999

Gloria's best birthday ever.  I promised a rainbow and we saw many

Glow Erv and Dennis take a trip when the Air Fare was just $400 from Milwaukee and $500 from New York.  A Birthday to remember

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Suburb view North Shore Hawaii 1999_10_06_thru_12_glow_erv_dennis_hawaii_25.jpg Ala Wai canal Mountain clouds
Sunset Waikiki diamond head Royal Hawiian Sunset lit Erv and Glowg Housing development
1999_10_06_thru_12_glow_erv_dennis_hawaii_13.jpg Convertible Sailboat Waikiki close-up sailing
Condo bedroom Sweet suite upgrade Upgraded Hawaiian Selfie by Dennis Knuth Red nose
  Upgraded suite      
drinking a beer 1999_10_06_thru_12_glow_erv_dennis_hawaii_4.jpg Balcony of 444 Nahua 1999_10_06_thru_12_glow_erv_dennis_hawaii_9.jpg Bedroom
Photographer Gloria Balcony view Happiness in Hawaii Balconey sunset kaftan
Photographer photo'ing the Photographer        
Glow in the shade Dennis in the lot parking lot Diamond Head Swimming at Waiamea Bay
      Diamond head view  

Super Bargains Got Us to Hawaii

Gloria was head research librarian at Wauwatosa Public library near Milwaukee Wisconsin.  Dennis called her in late September with the news that Northwest Airlines had settled their month long strike with pilots.  Northwest was offering cheap fares for the month of October with double frequent flyer miles.  It's over 10,000 miles round trip to Hawaii so the FF miles were enough for a free round trip in the continental US during the low season.  We stayed at the rentable condo at 444 Nahua.  The price was very good when compared to the hotels.  It got even better for Erv and Gloria, their inexpensive apartment was upgraded at no cost to a suite near the roof top

Gloria is one who does not make quick decisions.  The fare offer was less than two weeks before we went.  Glow was able to get the time off arranged, she covered all the bases, so away we went

We toasted Gloria's Birthday 7 Times and sang with strangers

We celebrated Gloria's birthday as it passed each time zone from New York to Hawaii'.  Seven times we toasted to the event of October 7.  We took an elevator ride up to the suite with a Bottle of Brandy in hand.  Others entered on several floors and Dennis, Erv and the strangers all sang Happy Birthday to Gloria in our assent.

Ervin got splashed

Our activities around the island of Oahu were wonderful.  We had rented a convertible, Dennis burned a CD with Hawaiian music and were drove everywhere on the island.  Much memorable were the hang gliders over our heads, coming off the mountains, and us watching them with the top down. 

We took a catamaran ride out into the Pacific Ocean.  Erv had fear of open waters so he chose to set in the middle of it by a hatch.  Erv did not realize there was open water underneath him.  Several times the water splashed up and wet him well, he was not happy but Glow and Dennis laughed and laughed

If you want to promise rainbows, make sure you promise Hawaii

Erv, Gloria, Ervin, Hawaii, 1999, low, air, fare, friends, Glow, Dennis, coisa, coisacoisa, Birthday
Photographed with Dennis's Fujifilm DX-7 by Erv, Glow and Dennis