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We go for a sail on a catamaran in the bay off of Waikiki

Erv positions himself away from the edge of the boat

October 11, 1999

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Sailing with Erv and Gloria

Glow and Erv started the adventure enjoying it

The departure from the dock was smooth on the bay.  That only lasted until we got out into the open Pacific Ocean.  The waves and the wind intensified.  Erv has a fear of getting splashed so he moved even more the the center of the boat.  Gloria and I still enjoyed the rocking and rolling but Erv no so much

Surprise, it was a catamaran with open water underneath the two hulls.  Erv got splashed good and he was fearful.  The ride was about an hour and Erv was more than happy to get back on shore

sailing, Pacific, splash, Ocean, fearful, Gloria, waves, October, wind, 1999, rocking
Photographed with Dennis's Fujifilm DX-7 by Dennis