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Dennis and Helton visited Eleanor Richter in her senior citizen home for the New Year

We landed in Milwaukee on December 28th rented a car and then drove to Durand

December 28, 1999

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Dennis and Ellie Richtor

Dennis and Ellie in Milwaukee. Ellie was a former Woolworth Employee at Dennis's store on 3rd and North Avenue in Milwaukee

Dennis left Woolworth in 1979 and he became permanent friends with Eleanor.  Eleanor was 82 in this photo and she survived on her meager Woolworth pension and social security.  Eleanor was suffering from skin cancer and would die just a few months, in the year 2000, after this photo was taken

Eleanor Richter and Dennis in Milwaukee Wisconsin December 28, 1999. Eleanor was leading a lonely existence at this age, her constant companion twin sister died 20 years earlier, and she was thrilled that we visited. She dressed up in her very best for our visit. It was the most rewarding experience in our New Years Trip to Wisconsin

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Photo taken by Helton in Milwaukee Wisconsin