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Helton and Helenice in the formal dining room at the Ayres house in Eau Claire Wisconsin

May 14, 2000

2000_05_Wi-Helenice-Rose-JustGrad -- Helenice, Rose, Helton and Dennis visit Jeannette Ayres on May 14 2000

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Helton and Helenice in the formal dinning Room

Jeanette's home had a formal dinning room, an informal dining room, a formal living room and a family room.  The formal rooms were mostly not used.   Helenice was cold all the time so this is one of the few photos where she has a smile


formal, Helenice, smile, Eau Claire, living, Wisconsin, home, Jeanette's, room, 2000, dining

Photographs by Dennis with a Fujifilm DX-7 digital camera