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Sherri's pet cat, KittyKitty, watches us from the farm house window

Sherri called "Kitty Kitty" the best cat

July 1, 2000

2000_07_Wisconsin_July -- 2000_07_01_kittykitty.jpg

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Sherri's KittyKitty waits

Kitty kitty was loyal to Sherri, following her around were ever Sherri went

Kitty Kitty actually had another name that we can now not remember (it 2017).  Helton started calling the cat "Kitty Kitty" when it was a kitten in the 1990's.  It stuck as the feline's permanent name.  Kittykitty was never far away from Sherri


Kitty, cat, KittyKitty, followed, Sherri, around, 2000, Helton name
Photo by Dennis