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Raphael on Thanksgiving 2001 at Dennis and Helton's apartment in Elmhurst

Raph is ready to go but he's waiting for the rest of the family

November 22, 2001

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Raphael is ready to leave

Raph's a teenager, about 14

He appears to be unhappy having to wait

It's time to go home and teenagers get impatient.  But Raphael seems to be upset about another issue too.  This photo page is updated 16 years later so the issue of this moment is lost

I, Dennis, am editing this and it brings back recollect of the decor in the apartment in 2001.  The paisley sheets and comforter where a favorite.

Raphael, 2001,  thanksgiving, November, 22, Helton, holiday, Dennis, dinner, New York, decor, sheets
Photographed by Dennis with a Ricoh RDC-5300