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Nathan is given away by his Mother, Sherri Donadean as he and Kelly are about to be married

Wedding in Mondovi at the Zion Lutheran Church

05-08-Wedding-Nathan-Kelly-Moore-DonB-Photos -- b_wedding_procession_01.jpg

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Sherri gives away Nathan

The "Giving Away" tradition

Women were once considered their fathers (or families) property until they were "given" to the groom.  The woman then became the husbands property.  This usually came at a cost of a dowry that identified the woman's value to the men.  In some societies the father paid and in others the new husband paid.  This is now ancient history but ---

The tradition evolved into a new tradition of the father (or woman's family) paying for the wedding. This tradition changed in the late 20th and early part of the 21st Centuries.  The wedding costs are now typically shared by those that can afford, or want to afford, paying.

The Giving away of the groom and / or bride is now considered an honor bestowed by whomever makes the choice.

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Sherri, groom, Nathan, wedding, Kelly, church, Wisconsin, processional, Mondovi, groom, Zion

Digital photographs by Donald Biesecker