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Muscio visits Wisconsin in September 2006 at Sherri and Gary's in Durand Wisconsin

He visited farms, the Mississippi River at the Minnesota and Wisconsin Border, and the Casino in Black River Falls

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Mucio and the Earth Mover Gary Helton and Muscio on the Komatsu 2006_09_02_muscio_helton_visit_wi_11.jpg 2006_09_02_muscio_helton_visit_wi_12.jpg Muscio at the Corral Bar in Durand Wisconsin Sherri at the Corral in Durand Wisconsin Helton at the Durand Wisconsin Corral Bar in 2006 2006_09_02_muscio_helton_visit_wi_01a.jpg 2006_09_02_muscio_helton_visit_wi_08.jpg Overlooking the Mississippi River at Alma Wisconsin 2006_09_02_muscio_helton_visit_wi_07.jpg 2006_09_02_muscio_helton_visit_wi_06.jpg Dennis and Mucio Mucsio at the Mississippi 2006_09_02_muscio_helton_visit_wi_04.jpg Buena Vista Park and Overlook Alma Wisconsi Over looking the Chippewa Valley 2006_09_04_muscio_helton_visit_wi_03.jpg 2006_09_04_muscio_helton_visit_wi_04.jpg Sherri Mucio and Helton in 2006 gift of flowers

Photos from Durand Wisconsin Farms, Mississippi River and Wisconsin

Mucio was always generous with flowers for hosts he stayed with.  Muscio overlooks the Mississippi River in Alma at the Buena Vista Park and Overlook. Also overlooking the Chippewa Valley just south of Osseo Wisconsin

Muscio visits Rod and Roxie's Dairy farm too. Gary shows off the earth mover, Komatsu


Muscio was a dear and beloved friend.  Loveably cantankerous to be with

The world lost Mucio on December 26, 2015.   He was 84. Jose Mucio Da Silva Lages was born March 1, 1930. 
Mother: Maria Jose Da Silva Lages,
Father: Domingo Teixeira Lages.

Mucio had called Gary and Sherri to wish them Merry Christmas on December 25, 2015 at about 11 am local time.  Two hours later Mucio walked across the street in Belo Horizonte Brazil.  A hit and run driver glazed him, hitting Mucio and knock him down.  One day later, Mucio died of a heart attack in the hospital

These pages are dedicated to our dear friend.


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