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We stop at a beach front hotel in Rio on our last night in the city

Helton's friends meet us and we have steak and the full compliments

July 14, 2009

07-14-Rio-Trip-Barra-w_katia -- 2009_07_14_203.jpg

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Dennis and Helton at a beach front hotel in Rio

Katia dropped us off in the early evening after we toured Barra with her

We had steak on a hibachi with full table spread of Brazilian food.  The steak was generous and the prices for a meal of 6 people was less than $120 US.  Helton grills the steak


da Tijuca, 2009, favela, middle, suburb, Katia, niece, Rio, Barra

Photographed with a Canon PowerShot A1000 IS digital camera