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Vicentina's 80th Birthday Party last much of the weekend. We celebrate late into Party Night

Our trip to Brazil in 2009 was planned all around the big birthday celebration

July 20 2009

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2009_07_18_d_partynight.jpg 2009_07_18_d_partynight_1.jpg 2009_07_18_d_partynight_2.jpg 2009_07_18_d_partynight_3.jpg 2009_07_18_d_partynight_4.jpg 2009_07_18_d_partynight_5.jpg 2009_07_18_d_partynight_6.jpg 2009_07_18_d_partynight_7.jpg 2009_07_18_d_partynight_8.jpg 2009_07_18_d_partynight_9.jpg 2009_07_18_d_partynight_10.jpg 2009_07_18_d_partynight_11.jpg 2009_07_18_d_partynight_12.jpg 2009_07_18_d_partynight_13.jpg Vivianne and boy friend 2009_07_18_d_partynight_15.jpg 2009_07_18_d_partynight_16.jpg 2009_07_18_d_partynight_17.jpg 2009_07_18_d_partynight_18.jpg 2009_07_18_d_partynight_19.jpg 2009_07_18_d_partynight_20.jpg

Vicentina was depressed days before her birthday she thought there would be no celebration.  She was wrong.  It lasted all day and deep into the night

The party started before noon and went well beyond mid-night into the 19th.  Beer and booze flowed.  The young stayed up and the old went home or went to bed


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Photos by Dennis with a Canon PowerShot A1000 IS