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Jared's Birthday 2009. Jared Celebrates with family, Great Grandma Emogene, Grandma Sherri and the whole of the family

July is full of Holidays:  Birthdays and the Fourth of July

July 25, 2009

July is a great Month to be Born in and Jared picked the month.  Riding in a big milk truck, fishing in a local carnival event and generally having a good time in the summer

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Emogene and Jared in 2009 Birthday 2009_07_25_jared_4th_02.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_03.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_04.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_05.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_06.jpg Scooter with a Helmet 2009_07_25_jared_4th_08.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_09.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_10.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_11.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_12.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_13.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_14.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_15.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_16.jpg The Birthday Cake of 5 years with Jared 2009_07_25_jared_4th_18.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_19.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_20.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_21.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_22.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_23.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_24.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_25.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_26.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_27.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_28.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_29.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_30.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_31.jpg Grandma Sherri, Kelsey and Jared 2009_07_25_jared_4th_33.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_34.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_35.jpg Papa Nathan at the birthday party 2009_07_25_jared_4th_37.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_38.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_39.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_40.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_41.jpg Steering Wheel on the John Deere Tractor 2009_07_25_jared_4th_43.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_44.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_45.jpg Catching a Kid Fish in Durand 2009_07_25_jared_4th_47.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_48.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_49.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_50.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_51.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_52.jpg 2009_07_25_jared_4th_53.jpg

July is the perfect Month in Wisconsin.  Highs in the 80's to low 90's.  Most nights in the 60's and a lot of sunshine.  If you are lucky

Scooting in Durand.  You must have a scooter to scoot and Jared got one for his birthday

Birthday, July, Wisconsin, sunshine, born, 5, years, carnival, summer, fishing, lucky
Photographs with Dennis's Canon PowerShot A1000 IS digital camera