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Papago Park at the end of Trip May 1

Our last day in Phoenix and the great Southwest

We started our trip, after we checked into our hotel in Papago Park, and ended our trip 7 days later in the same Papago Park

May 1, 2012

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Papago Park(74 images) Click a picture to see a larger view.

McDowell road to Papago Park Geese demainding food 2012_05_01_papago_dk_0001_1.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0002.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0022.jpg Palms lining the pond at Papago 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0024.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0025.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0026.jpg Black crow 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0028.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_last_day_0009.jpg Canada Goose in Papago Park 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0030.jpg A Lone Canada Goose in Papago Quacks like a duck 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0033.jpg Stella feeding geese Birds come to Stella 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0036.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0037.jpg Vivid blue Arizona sky Ducks swimming by a tree 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0040.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0041.jpg Park fishing rules Palms in front of key hold mountain Perfect reflection of Palms at Papago Park 2012_05_01_papago_dk_0001.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_dk_0002.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_dk_0003.jpg Popcorn for the geese Honking geese 2012_05_01_papago_dk_0006.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_dk_0002_1.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0045.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_last_day_0025.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0046.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0047.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0048.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0049.jpg Ducks of many colors 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0050.jpg birds of a feather Mallard Duck 2012_05_01_papago_dk_0004_1.jpg Ducks in a row 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0004.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0005.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0006.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0007.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0008.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0009.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0010.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0011.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0012.jpg Palms in the pond reflection Rippled palm reflection 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0015.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0016.jpg Lazy pair of ducks in Papago park Feeding geese 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0019.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0020.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0021.jpg Clouds at sunset in Papago 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0054.jpg setting sun 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0056.jpg 2012_05_01_papago_park_sk_0057.jpg Papago Palms in silhouette Red Devil Restaurant in Phoenix Red devil dinning room Red Devil restaurant interior

It was a wonderful experience with Stella and Orestus

The hotel required that we check out before 11 am. Our flight from Phoenix Harbor Airport was at 7 pm so we had most of our last day in Arizona without a home base.

Papago Park is a wonderful desert park so we ended our vacation where we started.  An besides, the airport in just 5 miles from the park

We bought some food and beverages and spent our last hours enjoying out time in the Great Southwest city

Stella and Oresty stayed mostly by the Papago Pond.  Dennis climbed up to the pyramid area and cruised a little bit.  It was a big one day event

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Photographs with Stella's Samsung S85 digital camera