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A New Year's Day ride in the Wisconsin snowy country-side

Helton and Sherri all bundled up as the New Year begins

January 1, 2014

The Christmas Holiday season

2013-12-00-christmas-holidays -- 2014_01_01_at_sherris_windowsphone_08.jpg
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Helton and Sherri in the snowy Wisconsin countryside

Xmas season with Dennis Helton Sherri and Gary is over

Our New Years eve was almost a non-event.  Gary had to work on New Year's day morning at 5 am so Helton Dennis and Sherri just stayed in.  We had a little food, a little conversation and tried to stay awake to see the Ball drop on TV but we didn't make it.  We were all asleep before 11 pm

New, Years, Day, 2014, Xmas, eve, Wisconsin, countryside, over, Christmas
Photo shot with Helton's Winphone, a Nokia 521 smartphone by Dennis