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Kelsey and Jared walking in the water and waves and Dennis leaving it

 September 18, 2014

A beach day at Riis Park

09-18-beach -- 2014_09_18_sherri_beach_nyc_001.jpg

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Dennis Knuth, Kelsey and Jared in the Waves

Dennis was a regular at this beach for many of his summers in New York City

Dennis has been in NY for over 35 years and he is 67 years old for this visit from Kelsey, Sherri and Jared

Dennis had not been to the beach for the more recent past and did not realize that he had gained this much weight until he saw these beach pictures; he was shocked. Until seeing the photos, Dennis was thinking "Whale" about other beach goers that were about his same size

leaving, September, 2014, Jared, waves, Kelsey, wale, New York, Beach, Dennis, overweight

Photo taken with a Nikon COOLPIX S8200 digital camera