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Kelsey and Jared on the Brooklyn Bridge in downtown Manhattan

The day was hot and the bridge was crowded with tourists

September 21, 2014

09-22-bridge -- 2014_09_21_downtown_0017.jpg
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Jared and Kelsey on the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Tidbits

A pedestrian was killed crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.   A cable was rotted by the pigeon dropping; it snapped and killed a man below when it fell.  The bridge gets so crowed with tourists in the summertime that there is a waiting line to cross the bridge

The man was killed by pigeon dropping

Both Kelsey and Jared thought the snapped cable tale was funny

New York, bridge, Brooklyn, historic, pedestrian, crowded, tourists, funny
Photographs by Sherri with her Nikon Coolpix S8200 camera