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July 19th gave us a minute to park our butts to relax.  We need an evening meal so web stopped at a Belo Horizonte Cafe just 6 blocks from Vicentina's

Belo Horizonte week night bar and cafe scene

Visiting Family and Friends with Connor, Debbie, Sharon, Helton and Dennis

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Belo Horizonte week night bar and cafe scene

It was a week night sot bars were no crowded.  We walked about 5 blocks from Vincentina's and had 5 or 6 bars / restaurants to chose from.

The major meal of the day in Brazil is usually the mid-day meal.  Evening food is usually snacks.  Well, not exactly snacks but light portions of meat, veggies, and the like.

Sharon loved the over all food scene more than Dennis and everyone else.  Dennis like to enjoy the scene with food and a Brazilian beer

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Coda:  We were busy with party events on prime weekend nights.  We passed the locations of this bar / cafe that were a group of several.  The crowds spilled onto the streets

Photos taken by Sharon's iPhone 6

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