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Sherri's Cat Spec is not a friendly, it's a fat cat and it's a afraidy cat

The only time the pussy cat is friendly to others than the owner is when you are eating some food

September 6, 2016

aa-camera version -- 2016_09_07_helton_visits_14a.jpg
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Sherri's Cat is named Spec

Spec, this fat cat, is afraid of everything. 

She was in garage one time, the car was started, and the cat knocked herself out when fleeing into house.

Another time the vacuum cleaner was turned on, the cat scattered into three rooms, knocking many plants in the sun room over.  The cat found a place to hide in the basement and didn't reappear for 3 days

The fat cat is know for lying on her back, all spread out, with it's paws in the air.  It's waiting to have her belly rubbed with your foot


September, 2016, Labor, Day, birthday, 65th, Wisconsin, visits, Emogene, Raphael, Gary, Sherri

Photographs by Helton with a Lumia 640 smart phone