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We took a drive from Durand to Alma Wisconsin, along the Mississippi River

The day trip took us from Durand to Chippewa Falls to Alma and then back to Durand

September 8, 2016

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Mississippi River from the overlook in Alma Wisconsin

Raphael wanted to see the sites

Raph had visited Durand twice before.  Both times were in cold or very cool weather.  December and April; there was no folliage in the countryside.  This time the entire area was lush.

The day was crip and clear, it was the only day of the 5 he was here where we needed sweat shirts.  The rest of his visit brought weather in the upper 70s


September, 2016, Labor, Day, birthday, 65th, Wisconsin, visits, Emogene, Raphael, Gary, Sherri

Helton made these photos with is Microsoft Windows Lumia 640 smart phone