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Mike gets Emogene to walk around the hall by her self with her cane

Emogene's best friend is her cane

February 12, 2017

2017-02-12-emo-at-dove -- 2017_02_12_emgene_at_dove_img_0674.jpg
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cantankerousMike returns Emogene from a walk around the hall

The cooperation gets better after Emogene has been working with the young male therapist

Emogene claims over and over again that the cane she is using was bought at a carnival with her mother.  It would have to be made over 60 years ago.  Actually it is made of bamboo cane, and it is an antique.  The original tip of the can is made of brass.  Emogene has the original tip but the current was replaced of rubber

Sherri gave Mom a fine aluminum cane for Xmas two years but Emm refuses to user it

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Photos by Dennis with his iPhone 4s