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Tom and Abbey day 3 in New York. Double Decker Bus, Carlos Boss Bakery, Bubba Shrimp company

The Seaport Museum area and downtown New York

Tom and Abbey day 3 AND 4 in New York. Shopping, tour on double deck bus and Bubba Shrimp Company

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macy's 2014_06_14_12_39_52___00020001.jpg broadway street fair 2014_06_14_12_41_06___00040001.jpg 2014_06_14_12_41_33___00050001.jpg 2014_06_14_19_16_06___00060001.jpg 2014_06_14_19_16_16___00070001.jpg Bubba Shrimp Company 2014_06_14_23_12_01___00100001.jpg Tom at the Bar Selfie on the Nighttime Tour Bus to Brooklyn A gracious thank you note from Abby and Tom

Tom wears his "Macy's Cologne" known by everyone else as Dolce e Gabbana Cologne

 We were having a ball.  Abby started out insisting that Carlos Bakery, in New Jersey, was the only thing she wanted to see in New York City (the reality show on The Learning Channel - TLC).  Abby was enjoying the feast that is New York City that by the end of the second day, the bakery was long forgotten

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A Canon PowerShot SX50 HS took these photographs, Dennis's camera