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March Irish Marching

Writing entitled March Irish March about the New York Irish Parade on March 17th. Spring and Winter at the same time

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These are the days that the sun pulls a blanket of fog with it as it rises over the city. My neighborhood wants to snuggle in for one more wink. Queens is steeped in fog but the mist is stopped by Manhattan as a mountain range stops the clouds.

This week has been strange. Monday it was 71, and hazy and polluted as I have seen it in years. There was not a wisp of air moving for much of the day and the canyon of the city kept all of man's expulsions in its grasp. The sun shone through the muck as it does on the days when nature releases her pollen. It was as beautiful as sun streaming though a stained glass window and as dirty as the devil

On Tuesday the ocean took control. It blew its 41 degrees into New York, just to remind us that it is there and should not be forgotten. Wednesday was like a day in August, a cool one (70), but full of that high haze that is a dog day. The sky was white but the sun clear. It reminded me of Liz Taylor's descriptive speech in The Long Hot Summer. "It was a hot, white hot day....."

Yesterday was a fooler. It was warm and Promising in the morning, but the ocean again took the rest of the day. Today the Irish are marching. Who else could take the brown of the winter and turn it into green of Spring?


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