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Class Reunion

Writing and musings about a class reunion.  Words I wish I had said 30 years ago

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I was afraid to go on the bus trip with my cohorts early in the day, afraid to see and afraid to expose myself and them.

But now it was evening and entering the class reunion was mysterious. I had worn sun glass all day because they were needed but the sun was setting so they had to come off. I was walking into the appointment with 30 years and was blinded because there was no light. Into the lair I went and then the greeting and shouting of DENNIS! DENNIS!

That word scared the hell out of me. I was not expected, and I had not expected it. It was screamed but I did not know who was screaming These was female extolments and the first images were of the feminine forms poised at one side of the room. As the forms came into focus I was being 16 again, We were at the dance, guys on one side of the gym, the girls on the other.

I did not recognize anyone, it was too dark, too many years ago was the last time I had seen all those voices. Thirty years. How in the hell did they know who I was, I did not know anyone, how was I to know anyone?

I felt like I was an explorer entering a cave. How the hell did they know me?

One by one, a smile here, an intonation there, everyone became familiar and young again. Because it was dark, the beginning of the evening hid lines and sags: all of ours; hers, his and ours. The middle of the evening reeled in truths as we talked about our lives. The end of the evening revealed what we really were exactly what we were in 1966 and what weve stayed until 1996 - our changing selves

Where have you been? Around

How many children are in your family? A few.

These questions are easy  

How much pain have your had? Not much.

How much love did you get? Don't know.

How much love did you give? All that I had.

Did anyone ask these questions that night?

We gave only hints of answers.

The parting at the evenings end was the beginning. Whispering in her ear, you look very special tonight; you are beautiful and then I was off to living the rest of life and wishing the words had been said 30 years ago.

Dennis 1999


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