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Party like it's 1999. Phoenix Hawaii and a lot of travel. Visitors to New York and traveling with family worldwide. The  CoisaCoisa Photo and Video Index for the 1990s

The New Century was the biggest hit

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Photos from the 1990s. Arizona with Regina and Sonja, Bringing in the New Year and the New Century


1991 will be here soon

 1992 Index of Photos and Videos

Arizona 1990 Mondovi Farm Video 1992 Family at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade  
May 1992 Arizona Trip With Regina and Sonja 1992 Video Emogene and the kids and grand kids talk while Gary Makes Hay. Mondovi Wisconsin video

Thanksgiving with family in New York 1992 1992-11-26 and Family at Macy's Thanksgiving Parade


1993 Photo Index

Chester Cavil and Ruby at Carnival in Oliveira Brazil      
Carnival in Brazil with Chester Cavil and Ruby      



Index of 1995 Photos

Helton in the Kitchen      
Helton in the Kitchen Cooking.  Dinner with Emogene, Jeanette, Vern, Dennis, Helton, Sherri and Gary.  Video From 1995      

1996 index

Gloria's family      

Gloria and Erv in New York December 1996 with brother Erick


1997 Photos and Videos from Coisacoisa

Video Flying over Kilauea Volcano Hawaii Volcanot Video    
Video of the Kilauea Volcano Fly-over with Rose Jeanette Emogene Helton and Dennis in 1997 1997 Kilauea eruption with a helicopter fly over - Hawaii October 1997 Flash from the past    

1998 Index of Photos and Videos

Favorite Photo of Helton Sherri Gary and Justin    

Helton and Dennis Portraits 1998. Helton thinks this year is the best he has ever looked

Hawaii Trip in 1998 with Tom Peggy, Gary, Sherri and Justin    

1999 Photos Pages

Helton and Elvera at Jeanettes 12 31 1999 Heloisa and Raphael John Nathand Dennis glow and erv
New Years Eve 1999 (and New Years Day 2000) Raphael and Heloisa visit home in January 1999 May in Wisconsin 1999 visiting family and Tom Glow and Erv in Phoenix 1999
Elephants perform at Madison Sq Garden Circus 1999 Christmas Part RDA Dennis and Pat Marcos and Helton at Superstition Mountain
Dennis and Raphael at the Circus 1999-04-11

RDA Christmas Party December 15, 1999

April 1999 Pat Grode Bauch visits Dennis in New York

1999-01-25 Phoenix with Marcos

Labor Day diamond head    
Labor Day Wisconsin Visit 1999 1999-09-05 Hawaii with Erv and Gloria    

End of a Century

Most of all it was the excitement for the end of the century, and the beginning of the 21st.  Debated was whether 2000 or 2001 was the beginning of the new century.  Who cares?  Seeing all 4 year digits change - from 1999 to 2000 - made it especially rare and exciting.

Several trips to Hawaii, a trip to Germany in 1992, and Phoenix Arizona more times that we can count.  Let's do the 1990's over again


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