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Augusta Wisconsin Page One.

A fine home town to raise a family in North Western Wisconsin. Safe and clean. A small community with character

Seemingly unchanged by time

Augusta is a fine home town in the northwest section of Wisconsin

Dells Mill Site with a Wisconsin State Map to Augusta Wisconsin and the Dells Mill
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Augusta Wisconsin Main Street from a postcard in 1956 Augusta Wisconsin Main Street in Augusta Winter 2000
Augusta Main Street  .1956
Scanned from a post card
Augusta Wisconsin Main Street c.2000
Digital photograph
Augusta Winter c.2000
Digital photograph
Augusta Wi in 1907 Weather in Augusta Augusta Wisconsin in 1874
Augusta Main Street c.1907
A photograph courtesy of the Wisconsin Public Library archive

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Augusta Main Street
A drawing
courtesy Gloria Goller from Wisconsin Public library archive

A 2002 image from high above 

Dells pond from the air

Click to Enlarge the partial Augusta Area and (northwest) by Satellite

A Post Card Scan

Dells Mill Museum

The Dells Mill from the 1960's

May 2001 Digital Photograph

Dells Mill

The Dells Mill and Museum

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Augusta Map

Dells Mill and Museum Views
from the Dells Pond

Dells Mill

The Dells Mill

Click to Satellite Street Map on Augustawi.com
Augusta Wisconsin on the Satellite

I grew up in Augusta Wisconsin

I grew up in Augusta Wisconsin on a family dairy farm.  I was schooled there and lived there until I was almost nineteen.  My father lived in the community his whole life, I returned there on most summer vacations.  I town has a special place up in my hear and I've spent years chronicling its history

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