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Coisa Coisa 2017 Photo and Video Index

This is the year that we move to Wisconsin

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Helton retired and moved to Wisconsin with Dennis. Looking forward to years of doing what we always wanted to do

Emogene at Dove emogene Bees  

 Emogene Staying at Dove Health Care 2017-02-12

Emogene's Obit.  Died March 17, 2017

Monarch Butterflies and Honey Bees video


December Birthday


Dennis and Debbies 2017 Birthdays in December


Helton retired on January 10.  His last days working at the Brazilian Console in New York.  The move to Wisconsin came soon after

2017 was a very eventful year

We gave up our New York apartment at the end of February and moved for permanent digs in Wisconsin

We lost our mom, Dennis had a burst appendix ( with complementary gangrene infection ) and then a massive heart attack when he was in recovery in intensive care.  That event was topped off a month later with open heart surgery.


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