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CoisaCoisa 2009 Photos Index

The index of 2009 photos, videos and events in the life of Coisa Um and Coisa Dois. The top 2 events of the year. CoisaCoisa

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The top  two events of the year!

Kaydi and Ed at the Alter on the July 4th Wedding   Helton enjoys the Greek Easter At Olgas Jared and Kelsey playing
Jared turns his back

Event of the Year 2009 Kaydi and Ed are wed - main index

2009_04_18_shower_005.jpg Newly married and the bridal party suit  

2009-04 Kaydi Bridal Shower

Photos at Karen's 209-07-04

2009-06-30 Getting Ready for the Wedding. Formalwear suit fitting and song with helmets

Formal Wedding Reception Groomsmen Parking Lot Reception Wedding Ceremony

Reception for Ed and Kaydi in Eau Claire

Church Photos after the Wedding

Church Exit and Parking Lot Reception

Taking the Wedding Vows

2009 Brazil Trip Index

    Cross in Belo    

07-10-Arrival in Brazil

07-10 Fish-Restaurant

Du Du Takes us to the mountain Top


Belo Horizonte Dance Festival with Norma

Mucio's Apartment

Day with Janine

Corcovado with Katia


Copacabana with Muscio

Down the mountain from the Christ

Mucio's Sister's Apartment in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Katia Takes Tourists to Sugar Loaf


Breakfast with Muscio

Ipanema with Sherri and Gary

Katia Shows Us Barra

Bus Trip from Belo Hoizonte to Oliveira



Maria Lena's House Tour

Visiting a farm in Brasil

Soccer Game in Belo Horizonte


Brazil 2009 Liberty Square With Janine

Party Night in Belo Horizonte

Vicentina's 80th Birthday Party

Vicentina's 80th Party Flowers


Birthday Messengers

Vicentina's 80th Birthday Party Night


Last Day in Brazil at Vicentina's


End of our Brazil Trip

    Profile of Olga  
    A Greek Orthodox Easter with Olga in April 2009 Kelsey and Jared in late June 2009
  Elhurst fire destroyed out apartment Jared it 5 years old
Helton's 2009 Birthday at Cassidys
Fire Destroyed our Apartment on July 23, 2009 Jared's Birthday in 2009.  He was all of 5 years old Helton's 2009 Birthday Party at Cassidy's September 12  
Pictures by Rogerio 09_13_hbday_ines_camera_10.jpg Sherri and Jared with the Great Pumpkin Dennis at Holiday
Rogerio's pictures at Cassidy's of Helton's 2009 Birthday Helton's 2009 Birthday at Olga's by Ines Pumpkin Patch picking and Mr. and Mrs. Ghost in October 2009 Christmas at Sherri and Gary's home in Durand Wisconsin in 2009
Christmas Morning with Jared and Kelsey in 2009 Christmas gifts for Kelsey and Jared Christmas Cats Santa gets a visit from Kelsey and Jared
Christmas Morning opening of presents 2009 at the Moore's

Jared and Kelsey get gifts at Kelly's Family

Kaydi's Christmas Cats 2009 Visiting Santa for Christmas 2009
Jared gets interviewed by Santa The Christmas program at Arkansaw Elementary The Turkey Makes its Debut Sherri Gary and Kathy
Jared Visits Santa with Sherri and Dennis 2009 2009 Christmas Program at Arkansaw Wisconsin Elementary Thanksgiving Hosted by Heloisa in 2009 Durand Roctober Fest 2009 with Kathy
2009_11_26_thanks_03.jpg Moore Halloween The Christ at Corcovado Performing for Christmas
Sherri's Hosted Dinner gives thanks in 2009 Moore Halloween at Gary and Sherri's 2009 10 Days in Brasil with Sherri and Gary in 2009 - Photos for 10 days

Jared and Kelsey Performing at his grade school Christmas Party

Index to Brazil Videos 2009 Jared Visiting Santa 2009 Video
Brazil Video Index 2009 Trip of Sherri Gary and Dennis to Brasil including Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte Jared Visiting Santa Claus at the Oakwood Mall in Eau Claire Wisconsin - Video


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