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CoisaCoisa 2000 Photos Index.  Dawn of the new Century in the life of CoisaCoisa

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Dennis and Helton January 1 2000 Rose and Adam Nathan and Jared February 26 2000 in NY on their way to Brazil at the World Financial Center Peggy and Abbey in April 2000 Augusta Wisconsin

New Years Eve 1999 turns into New Years Day 2000.  All 4 year digits roll over

2000-02-16 Adam, Rose, Silesia (Patricia) at Helton and Dennis' 2000-02-26 Nathan and Jared in NY on their way to Brazil

Tom Peggy and Abby get visited by Dennis and Helton from New York in April 2000

Helenice, Rose, and Helton Rose and Justin May 12 2000 Adam makes a point

Golden Girls go for a walk

2000-05-07 Dennis, Helenice, Helton at Rose's

2000-05-13 Justin's High School Graduation

2000-06-18 Fathers Day with Adam and Rose

2000-06-23 and 07-28 Golden Girls in Montana and Emogene's 75th Birthday

July 1 2000 Trip to Lake Superior with Emogene, Helton, Sherri, Gary and Dennis MGM Casino Emogene and her art Dennis and Raphael
2000-07 Wisconsin July Holiday and Trip to Lake Superior

Erv Dennis and Gloria - Las Vegas September 2000.
Erv had an especially good time because there was a 99 cent one full pound hotdog at Circus Circus

2000-12-December in Wisconsin 2000-12 December in New York Apartment
Talia Yannone in 2000      
Photo album scans of the Grams family with year 2000 pictures      


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