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The Families of Coisa Coisa:  Photographs from various family photo albums

Scans and Photos and events from 2000, 2001 and 2002

These pages include a Short History of the Grams Family and more

We lost our mom, Emogene Knuth, on March 17, 2017.  Here is the official obituary and our additions to it

[ Gravestone of Emogene, her Mother Reta, brother Gordon and sister Donadean ]

We are looking to include more history on these pages.  If you have information to contribute, please let me know.  A more complete family will be posted soon.  We are always looking for more photos and information.  In the meantime, please enjoy what is here

Moms Birthday Party and Family Reunion 2002

2002-07-28 Photos by Dennis
2002-07-28 Photos by Don B
2002-07-28 Photos by Silesia Patricia
2002-07-28 Photos by Vern
2002-07-28 Chronology of a Birthday and a Family Reunion

Photos of New Years 1999-2000 follow:

Turn of the Century 1999 to 2000
New Century in Augusta, Eau Claire, At Sherri and Gary's Dairy

Photos include the Grams family, the Biesecker Family with kids and family friends

Click on an image to see the individual galleries

Grams family in 1956 reunion at the Knuth Farm NY 1988 summer Golden Girls with a horse in Montana Emogene and Dennis on Mothers Day 2001
Elvera's Web Scans Emogene's Web Scans Summer 2000 Photos are here. Click here to Golden Girls in Montana Mothers Day 2001
Saxes on top Pine View rural school near Augusta Wisconsin  Heltons Car Zenilda  Elvera and Ann Summer   
Saxes in New York Memorial Day 2001 Emogene's Photos
Pine View Rural School Near Augusta Wisconsin
See Moms Scans 
Zenilda !
Helton's Cars
Elvera and Ann Summer 2001   

Dennis, cars, Saxes, 2001, family, friends, Memorial, reunion, 2002, summer, Emogene, Randalls, coisa coisa

These Photographs were digitized by Elvera, Dennis and Emogene in the early 2000's