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Ed and Adela Sperber were the Sponsors, aka Godparents, for Dennis Confirmation

Godparents for Dennis Confirmation.

June 3, 1962

1962-06-03-dennis-confirmation -- 1962_06_00_dennis_confirmation_08.jpg
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Dennis with Adela and Ed Sperber

It's a proud event, the confirmation of a Family Member

Adela is Dennis's fathers, Sister,  Ed Sperber is her husband.  It is the responsibility of "sponsors" to see that youth in Evangelical Lutheran Churches are raised in a Christian Life.  The Role is a token of honor and a mark of passage in a youth's life.  It is largely symbolic in practice but charged with real responsibility. 

The church expects the godparents to step in if doctrine is not followed.  I know of NO cases where this has happened

Ed and Adela were fine members of the family.  I stayed with them on occasion as I grew through the teen years.  I remember staying with them for a day or two, playing with my Knuth cousins.  I tired to catch a wild field mouse and still remember its bite 60 years later

1962, confirmation, Augusta, church, Dennis, grace, Lutheran, Wisconsin, Sperber, family
Photos by Emogene with a Kodak Box camera, digitized from unidentified family albums