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State Fair Park in Milwaukee.  Living across the street from the park

The Wisconsin State Fair Park is on Greenfield Avenue at the Corner of 84th Street. 

August 3, 1972

1974-07-27 -- 1974_08_00_state_fair_park_across_from_dennis_apt_greenfield_and_84th_milwaukee.jpg

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State Fair Park in West Allis 1972

The gas station is in West Allis Wisconsin and the State Fair is in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  The Park was directly across the street from Dennis's apartment.  The station sold parking spaces during the State Fair week

84th Street marks the border between West Allis and Milwaukee

Summertime Fun in South Eastern Wisconsin

West Allis, Wisconsin, Milwaukee, State, Fair, Park, August, 1972
Scanned from a personal photo album in 2014