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Connie Ida in Milwaukee Wisconsin just before Dennis Moved to New York

Connie was from Osseo Wisconsin

March 16, 1979

03-16-leaving-milwaukee -- 1979_03_16_packing_for_ny_connie_ida.jpg
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Connie Ida of Osseo Wisconsin

Connie moved to Milwaukee for a short period of time to live with Janet

Dennis knew Connie for a long time before she came to Milwaukee but she was only a casual friend

I became closer to Connie after she moved. We both loved to dance and it was the height of the Disco Era.  We seemed to have visited every Disco in Milwaukee.  If it were a Friday or Saturday night, that is where we might be. Connie was absolutely funny, you never could be sure what would come out of her mouth.  Actually, sometimes she would embarrass us with the things she said

This photo was not taken when I was packing for the move to New York.  Connie did help a lot on that day.  I've included this photo here because it is a good one of Connie.  I don't remember where it was taken

Connie died few decades later from multiple sclerosis.

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Digitized 35 years later, in 2014, by Dennis from a photo album